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Technical Description STS Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes 4 Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes (STS) Technical Data Typical Quayside Crane* A: Gantry span 15 – 35 m C: Backreach 0 – 25 m E: Clearance under sill beam 12 – 18 m G: Travel wheel gauge 18.2 m H: Buffer to buffer 27 m Wheel spacing 1 – 2 m Wheels per corner** 6/12 – Seaside Wheels per corner** 6/12 – Landside Max. width trolley & main beam/boom 7.6 m SHIP TO SHORE CRANE – STS gantry crane manufacturers & design Jul 23, 2020 · The ship-to-shore gantry crane is widely used in port terminals, docks and containers to load and unload containers from ships. Generally abbreviated as gantry cranes STS (Ship to Shore), ship to land. This dock container gantry crane is usually installed on the edges of port terminals and extends along two rails. Gantry Cranes | Vestil AHS-2-15-16 Steel Adjustable Height Gantry Crane, 2000 lbs Capacity, 15' Length x 6" Height Beam, 114"-192" Usable Height by Vestil $2,516.85 $ 2,516 . 85 $2,991.00 Gantry Cranes Distributor – Fixed & Adjustable Gantry Cranes … Gantry cranes are a subset of cranes that have a hoist running horizontally along rails, usually fitted on a single beam. With the hoist attached, most g antry cranes can be used to lift heavy objects ranging from 250 lbs. to 10 tons, with heavy duty gantry cranes handling even larger loads.
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3 Ton A-Series Gantry Crane – Adjustable Height, All-Steel … 3 Ton A-Series Gantry Crane – Adjustable Height, All-Steel Construction, 10' – 40' Span online! The combination of aluminum construction with fully adjustable height and infinitely adjustable span yields a gantry of the lightest weight and greatest flexibility. Choose A-Series gantries when you need a portable gantry for loads up to 3 tons. Tri-Adjustable Steel 8 and 10-Ton Gantry Cranes Wallace tri-adjustable steel 8 and 10-ton gantry cranes are ideal for maintenance, manufacturing, repairs, and other material handling tasks. Because our cranes are so easily assembled, disasssembled, and moved about, many customers use our cranes for HVAC, assembly, and repairs of physical equipment. Euro-style Gantry Crane – DIMA CRANE This simple gantry crane is of 1 ton load, 3.9 m width, beam height 4.3 m,Manual travel on ground, worked with Electric chain hoist, which is used for changing mould inside workshop. Portable Gantry Cranes | Wallace Cranes Home / Crane Products, Lifting Equipment, and Accessories / Portable Gantry Cranes Portable Gantry Cranes admin 2020-08-24T21:23:06-04:00 Portable Gantry Cranes Triple E-class container ship – Wikipedia The Triple E class is a family of very large container ships of more than 18,000 TEU belonging to Maersk.. With a length of 399.2 m (1,309 ft 9 in), when they were built they were the largest container ships in the world, but were subsequently surpassed by larger ones such as CSCL Globe.

DIY Gantry Crane: Fixed, Adjustable, or Telescoping May 06, 2019 · Fixed height Gantry cranes, first of all, are almost exactly what they sound like. To be more clear, the beams are placed at a fixed height and are not adjustable at all. Check out the Fixed Gantry Crane design here including purchased parts list. Used Crane 3 x 1t Street Cranes and Triple Overhead Gantry … May 02, 2018 · 3 x 1t Street cranes and triple gantry system. E & Crane Engineering Ltd Meadowbank Industrial Estate Harrison Street Rotherham 6,000 Lb Gantry Cranes : Solution Dynamics Inc, Material … Solution Dynamics Inc : 6,000 Lb Gantry Cranes – Lift Tables Tilt Tables Lift Trucks & Accessories Self Dumping Hoppers Basket Trucks Pallet Trucks – Hand Trucks Drum & Cylinder Equipment Cranes and Hoists Air Compressors Security Fencing & Gates Bulk Handling Equipment Conveyors Cabinets & Lockers Shelving & Storage Racks Ramps & Dock Equipment Facility Safety Equipment Workbenches & Tables … Crane upgrades: common mistakes and new challenges The process to upgrade cranes was first managed in the 1990’s and expanded from 2000 due to the need to improve competitiveness in container terminals. Shipping companies such as Maersk began to build enormous ships such as the Maersk Triple-E Class, with a length of 400 metres and beam of 59 metres. This type of vessel, capable of transporting 2,500 more containers than the same shipping … New Orleans, Louisiana approached by recent cranes designed for Triple E ships. Future cranes will continue to get bigger and require larger wharf capacity. A variety of possible crane designs and their impact on crane loads on the wharf are discussed, including the following: Increasing the outreach and lift height beyond Triple E size cranes Multiple trolleys
 New Orleans, Louisiana

(PDF) Container ship size and the implications on port call … The Triple E increased the TEU per ship metr e length to 45.7, an increase of 6.6 TEU on the E Class with a year-on-year increase of 5.2 TEU or 13%. 3 Review of the ship-to-shore function Hoosier Crane | Crane and Hoist Definitions and Terms Cantilever Gantry Crane – A gantry or semi-gantry crane in which the bridge girders or trusses extend transversely beyond the crane runway on one or both sides. Capacity – The maximum weight in tons the crane will be required to lift. Chain Guide – A means to guide the hoist load chain at the load sprocket. Maritime Journal | European ports ready for the Maersk giants Reach will be 72m and significantly, with the Triple-E accommodating containers 23 rows wide, it is a sign of the direction Maersk Group consider the trend is heading that the cranes at Maasvlakte 2 are capable of serving ships with containers loaded 25 rows wide. BOP Crane | BOP & Subsea Handling Equipment | Equipment for … Goliath, semi-goliath and gantry designs available; Span, height of lift and lift capacity are specific to client requirements; Features wire rope hoists with multi-reeved arrangement terminating with lift blocks; Optional auxiliary hoists for handling during maintenance; Optional triple braking system on hoisting units Modifying Your Cranes to Serve Larger Ships The largest ship today, the Maersk Triple-E class, is 59 m wide with a maximum of ten high cube containers (2.91 m high) under deck and nine over deck. The maximum draft of this vessel is about 16 m. If a high cube container is lifted over this level ship with 1 m clearance, 12.5 m draft, 2 m height of crane

Flood Lights | Nanhua-Europe The LW210A Work Flood Light is designed for the lighting systems in a variety of lifting machinery (such as gantry cranes & crawler cranes), for port machinery (such as reach stackers & bridge cranes), for metallurgic & chemical industries, for mining and on board of vessels.

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