tongs to hoist wire coil

Tongs & Magnets – Heppenstall Technology AG Tongs & Magnets … designed to lift coils in a vertical (eye-to-sky) position. … to handle plates, slabs, plate packages, strip- and wire coils, bundles of rebar, … Wire Coil Tongs, Spool Tongs – Nordgreif Form-fit gripping with gripper jaws adapted to the spool edge-contour. Connection to crane with hangers, crane hook suspensions, attachment points or slings … Coil tongs from WIMO Hebetechnik – WIMO Hebetechnik Coil tongs from WIMO are a long-term lifting technology solution for transporting and rotating coils and placing … Edge scrap coil lifting tackle with cordless cable release system … Locking the coil tongs in the uppermost crane lifting position. Coil tong for sale – Dongqi Crane Jun 21, 2017 –
 Coil tong for sale – Dongqi Crane

Dongqi Coil lifter and tong – Dongqi Crane Coil lifter, coil tong, coil handling equipment. 21 Feb, 2017. As a professional lifting crane and crane accessories manufacturers and suppliers, Dongqi Hoist and … clamps and tongs – Axzion load lifting devices are used together with a crane. (see „Lifting speed“). … Wire coil internal grippers for fast and gentle transport in the steel industry. The robust … Model TWE – EAGLE CLAMP Development of [Chain sring][Hoist][Sring chain][Coil tong][Coil riftar] etc. … EAGLE Coil Tongs are currently being examined or used in every factory, warehouse, harbor, etc, … (rubber, aluminum, etc.) * Cable reel * Cable * Cable junction box coil tongs – Henan Flag Crane Co.,Ltd. The Motorized Horizontal Coil Tong is designed to lift coils in a horizontal … This enables quick removal of the tong from the crane. … electric wire rope hoist … mechanical wire coil tong lift sling rigging company produce mechanical wire coil tong,Tongs for handling wire coils.

DE202004009226U1 – Coil tongs for use in lifting tool, has … The The invention relates to a coil tong, which can be attached to a hoist is, with a … The flexible cable is preferred because due to the lifting of the load, the … US3680907A – Tiltable lifting tongs – Google Patents The specification discloses tiltable lifting tongs of the type having opposing … as a coil of sheet steel, and having a power driven cable sling for tilting the tongs … 80 is necked at its midpoint between plates 78 to accommodate a crane hook 83. Crane Attachments, C Hooks, Horizontal and Vertical Coil … C Hooks C hooks are used mainly steel industry for handling steel coils with Eye in Horizontal Position. · Motorised Horizontal Coil Tong Vertical coil tongs are … Lifting tongs for steel products | Airpes : Airpes May 10, 2019 – EP1178003A2 – Tongs for gripping steel coils – Google Patents The invention relates to a coil tongs for holding a steel coil, with two at least … which are moved, for example, in a factory hall can or be attached to a crane.
 EP1178003A2 – Tongs for gripping steel coils – Google Patents

Automatic Pup Coil Tongs – Winkle Industries Our pup coil tongs are primarily used in the manufacturing of soft metal coils. The tongs offer a large gripping area which reduces damage to the coil material. Vertical Coil Tong | 昌瑜機電股份有限公司 Description. Coil Tong, Vertical Coil Tong. [ Sheet Lifter ]. Application: For the transportation of coils, similar stable hollow bodies, wire rings and steel bands, we … COIL TONG In order to perform an easy maintenance and service on Coil Tong unit, a … coils are seated in between claw nails of the tong is … •Electrical Wire Rope Hoists. Lifting technology – Prestar s.r.o. Tongs for ingots with electric chain hoist. Read more … Tongs for wire coils standard type Z54. Read more … Vertical coil tongs, double-sided grip. Read more … CM Cady BLT Bale Lifting Tongs – All-Lift Systems, Inc. SKU nosku935 Category Lifting Tongs … The Columbus McKinnon Cady BLT Bale Lifting Tongs are ideal for lifting bales of paper, cotton, … Wire Rope Hoists.

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