Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single girder cranes are a type of overhead crane that are common in production, engineering and many other workplaces as they cater to practically any lifting application.

Weihua is a leading China manufacturer of single girder overhead cranes, supplying standard and bespoke models around the world. Every one of our single girder cranes is made to order, meaning its size and capacity can be adapted to fit your requirements.

As a rule of thumb we tend to specify single girder crane designs for loads under 10 tonnes, anything over this will typically feature a double girder design.

Single girder cranes
Single girder overhead cranes get their name from the fact that they utilise just one beam, as opposed to two. As such, they are typically designed to carry lighter loads than double girder models.

As with all weihua overhead systems, our single girder cranes can span either all or part of a building as required. Electric powered models are common, but manual options are also available for lighter applications. The use of our Kinematic Drive System means each of our single girder cranes offers an excellent operating performance.

Our single girder overhead crane design and manufacturing skills are unmatched, resulting not only in a quality lifting solution tailored to your place of work, but also guaranteeing reliability, a lasting service life and an excellent safety performance.

We also deliver, install and load test your new lifting system, while our crane service and support team can oversee the future maintenance and upkeep of all single girder cranes (whether originally from weihua or any other supplier).

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