Overhead crane and hoisting equipment get you high

Overhead Crane for entertainment, Weihuaoverhead crane get your high

WeihuaElectric hoists and lifting equipment plays an important part behind the scenes at events and performances in entertainment. The industrial crane and hoist equipment are also widely used in entertainment such as studios, stages, aquariums, and theme parts, etc.gCuHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

How Weihuahelps in entertainment

For the places such as temporary event stages where typical overh hoisting equipment are not suitable, our reversible type of hoist are used. With the reverse type Electric chain hoists, it is possible to load just by hooking on a ceiling beam or other feature which can help to set the speakers and lighting equipment, etc. At aquariums, the hoisting equipment is also used to move large animals such as dolphins and killer whales from tank to tank.gCuHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

WeihuaHoist and Crane Projects List

  • Chinese electric hoist manufacturer provides hoists for Sri Lanka factory, Weihuacrane machines involved: CD electric hoist 1T-5M
  • Single girder electric hoist crane for sale in Sri Lanka, Weihuacrane machines involved: LD Single Girder Electric Hoist Crane7.5T-30M,H=4M
  • Eot crane used in manufacturing industry Sweden, Weihuacrane machines involved: Single girder EOT Crane, with lifting capacity of 3.2 tons, Jib Cranes used in workstations, 3 electric hoists crane with lifting capacity of 250kg, 250kg and500kg.
  • Pillar jib crane for sale in Thailand, Weihuacrane machines involved: BZ Pillar Jib Crane 1t
  • Wall mounted jib crane wins favor in Thailand, Weihuacrane machines involved: BX wall mounted Jib Crane 2T
  • Thailand customer choose Weihuaoverhead crane- Weihuacrane project, Weihuacrane machines involved: Overhead crane 5T&15T-15M-H 6M
  • 5 t FEM hoist wins order again from Thailand- WeihuaCrane, Weihuacrane machines involved: ND hoist 5T pulley
  • Single girder crane for sale in Thailand, Weihuacrane machines involved: LD single girder crane

More on overhead crane, Gantry Crane, jib crane, and electric hoist is at WeihuaHoist and Crane Product Center. gCuHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

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