Ladle for high temperature environment, Overhead crane for metallurgical industries

Ladle crane for metallurgical industries

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Ladle crane- WeihuaOverhead Crane seriesBlKHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

For metallurgical industry, the industrial lifting equipment are required to have highest durability, operability and safety. For metallurgical operation usually concludes collecting, refining, and processing metals from ores and other materials which are all performed at high temperatures under harsh conditions. Due to the 24-hour non-stop working of the blast furnaces or smelters for making iron and other materials, the hoisting equipment applied in the conditions to transport metals smelted there and maintain in-plant equipment must be built for the highest durability, and safety. BlKHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Weihualadle crane parameters

 BlKHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Ladle crane product Type:        QDY
  • Ladle crane lifting Capacity:    5~74t
  • Ladle crane span Length:        10.5~31.5m
  • Ladle crane working Class:      A7
  • Ladle crane ambient Temperature:         -10~60

Ladle Ladle crane is designed for transporting, pouring and charging hot metal in the process of smelting liquid metal, etc.BlKHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

According to the crane structure, the ladle Ladle cranes can be classified into Double Girder Double Rail Ladle Cranes, Four Girder Four Rail Ladle Cranes, and Four Girder Six Rails Ladle Cranes. The front two types are used for lifting middle and large scale ladles, and the latter one is used for extremely large scale ladles. WEIHUA is capable of offering customized ladle Ladle crane without lifting capacity limitation. More  on ladle crane. BlKHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

How WeihuaHoist helps material handling in high temperature environment

Weihuahas developed a series of Ladle crane which can withstand the harsh environment of the blast furnaces, and are optimal for equipment maintenance support at the harsh sites. Take our Electric chain hoist for example. The electric chain hoist can withstand high temperatures which can be customized by installing flame-retardant cords and modifying the situation, oil and pushing buttons of the motors.BlKHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

As for the danger sites where explosive gas, dusty and vapor presented, fire must be avoided. Confronted with the dangerous situation, Weihuaprovides a series of explosive-proof hoists.BlKHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Weihuaoverhead crane Projects List

  • Low headroom overhead crane used in New Zealand Aluminum workshop, Weihuaoverhead crane required: Low headroom variable speed electric chain hoist 3T-4.2M
  • Eot crane used in manufacturing industry Sweden, Weihuaoverhead crane required: Single girder EOT Crane, with lifting capacity of 3.2 tons,
  • 2 ton electric chain hoist applied in steel frame construction company Australia, Weihuaoverhead crane required: Electric chain hoist 2t-3m
  • 10 ton Electric hoist crane wins order from Australia Precast slab factory,10 electric hoist crane
  • Weihuaoverhead crane required:10 ton double girder overhead crane equipped in Bangladesh steel mill,QD double girder overhead crane 10t-15.089m
  • overhead crane parts used to upgraded Bangladesh cranes in steel mill, overhead crane parts
  • Single girder electric hoist crane win warm welcome in galvanized pipe workshop Bangladesh, Weihuaoverhead crane required:MDG20T-10.5M-5.5M H9M, 3set LD Single Girder Electric Hoist Crane5ton-24m, 2set LD Single Girder Electric Hoist Crane5+5ton-24m,1set LD Single Girder Electric Hoist Crane20ton-12m, 1set LD Single Girder Electric Hoist Crane10ton-12m, 1set LD Single Girder Electric Hoist Crane10+10ton-24m
  • 10 single girder Gantry Crane built in Brazil steel factory Weihuaoverhead crane required: Single girder gantry crane 10t-21.3m, H9m A3 3-ph 220V 60Hz
  • Pillar Jib Crane supports the development of Cote d’ivoire Steel and aluminum factory, Weihuaoverhead crane required: Pillar jib crane 4T- 4.5M, H =4M
  • Ethiopia Steel coil plant improved working efficiency with Pillar jib cranes, BZ pillar jib crane 5t-5.5m-H4m
  • Double girder overhead crane applied in Stainless steel tubes company Finland, Weihuaoverhead crane required: Types of Cranes and hoists in Finland crane project: Double girder overhead crane
  • Single girder electric hoist crane for sale in Morocco metallurgy plant, Weihuaoverhead crane required:LD Single Girder Electric Hoist Crane, Y3t-18m, H5m, A4, 3-ph 380V 50Hz

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