Hoist and Crane for automotive industries

Hoist and Cranes for automotive industries

For automotive industries, the hoist and cranes are used for car handling. Weihuahoist and crane is widely used for car handling.zWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

In the car manufacturing industry, the hoist and crane are used to improve overall productivity by improving production line efficiency and stability. Large scale production line usually push car factories to full capacity, therefore, the car equipment malfunction can lead bad production downtime and will slash into profits. Thus, the production equipment must be easy to operate for long hours but also offer high safety, reliability for maximum productivity.zWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

How Weihuahoist and crane help in Car manufacturing

Weihuahoist and crane can offer you Electric hoists, small-capacity cranes, and slinging tools to sites and factories which produce engines, transmissions, vehicle bodies, etc. Weihuaas a professional material handling manufacturer, we are able to provide your customized hoist and crane to suit your specific application requirements.zWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Automobile and parts manufacturing
  • Used in the automotive recycling industry
  • Diesel engine parts manufacturing
  • Liberation of automobile door welding
  • Car safety system
  • Forging workshop machining
  • Axle reducer assembly
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Engine factory assembly line
  • Automotive radiator production
  • Auto parts distributor
  • Automobile brake disc assembly
  • Mold inspection station
  • Car safety system
  • Automobile drive shaft manufacturing
  • Passenger car manufacturing
  • Engine aluminum casting
  • Exhaust exhaust assembly
  • Engine off the assembly line
  • Automobile assembly line
  • Truck gearbox production
  • Brake disc assembly
  • Auto parts manufacturing
  • Engine parts manufacturing
  • Automobile engine manufacturing
  • Light truck manufacturing
  • Diesel engine manufacturing
  • Axle production
  • Steel plate cutting process in the manufacture of truck trailers
  • Passenger car assembly
  • Car dashboard installation
  • Car assembly line
  • Automobile shock absorber manufacturer
  • Car seat manufacturer
  • Flywheel manufacturing
  • Parts shipping area
  • Powertrain workshop
  • Automobile tire manufacturing
  • Tire manufacturing industry
  • Engine factory logistics handling
  • Automobile engine manufacturing
  • Automobile manufacturing tightening machine station
  • Car body downline
  • Automobile assembly line
  • Tire manufacturing
  • Engine block machining
  • Foundry industry (gearbox)
  • Automobile clutch manufacturing
  • Automobile production line tool replacement
  • Automobile brake disc manufacturing
  • Car seat accessories manufacturing
  • Convertible roof manufacturing
  • Automobile engine assembly
  • Engine gearbox assembly
  • Car engine assembly
  • Brake pad and brake drum manufacturing
  • Automotive pump processing
  • Large tire manufacturing
  • Automobile fuel tank productionzWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Automotive industry is generally pipeline operations, the material handling and internal logistics of the whole automotive industry line required various industrial lifting equipment and industrial cranes and electric hoists to meet the job requirements! The manufacturing and product assembly processes all over the world of automobile manufacturers and their suppliers usually use WeihuaOverhead Crane for lifting and transportation!zWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

zWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Overhead  industrial crane : Stamping Plant Crane and automoible accembly cranezWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Stamping Plant Crane:Weihuasupply specialized designed crane for Automobile stamping plant, Our heavy duty double girder overhead crane are play an important role specialized at the time when they need lifting a 50ton or heavier tools!
  •  Automobile Assembly Plant: Our LDA and LX model light duty overhead crane solution is the best choice for many preassembly operation and automobile assembly application, Weihuaalso supply BZD BZQ BZX serious Jib Crane, used together with overhead and Gantry Crane in same area to meet the complicated lifting demand!

zWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Double girder overhead cranezWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

WeihuaHoists and Crane projects examples

  • Chain block hoists mission in Pakistan auto industry, Weihuahoists and cranes involved:Chain block hoist 1t-9m 4 sets, Chain block hoist2t-9m 4sets,Chain block hoist5t-9m 2sets, 7 set of end beams, 160m trolley conductor, 5 collector
  • 10 t overhead crane improves efficiency in Philippines auto industry, Weihuahoists and cranes involved: LD overhead crane 10t.
  • WeihuaSingle girder gantry crane stands on Australia factory,
  • Weihuahoists and cranes involved: MH Single Girder Gantry Crane 5T-15M H5M
  • Electric hoist assists the Australia transportation company, Weihuahoists and cranes involved: CD electric hoist 4T-4M
  • Electric winch supports Australia mine factory, Weihuahoists and cranes involved: Electric winch 0.5t-300m
  • 10 ton electric hoist crane wins order from Australia Precast slab factory, Weihuahoists and cranes involved: 10 electric hoist crane
  • 5 ton chain hoist serving in Bahrain ship accessory workshop, Weihuahoists and cranes involved: Chain hoist 5t-6m
  • 10 ton double girder overhead crane equipped in Bangladesh steel mill, Weihuahoists and cranes involved: QD double girder overhead crane 10t-15.089m
  • Overhead crane parts used to upgraded Bangladesh cranes in steel mill, Weihuahoists and cranes involved: Overhead crane parts
  • WeihuaCrane cooperated with Bangladesh plastic industry, Weihuahoists and cranes involved: Round Stand Wire Rope 6 x 36 Warrington Seal, Dia: 20mm

For automotive industries, the hoist and cranes are used for car handling. Weihuahoist and crane is widely used for car handling. Contact us for more information on the hoist and crane for the automotive industries.zWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

zWJHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

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