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Chester Hoist | Low Headroom Hoist | Ergonomic Partners Chester Ultra Low Headroom Hoist in Electric, Manual and Air Models. Chester Hoist is a top manufacturer of custom specialty hoist equipment. They are known for the exceptional quality, service and value. They specialize in ultra low headroom hoists, but they also build the army type hoist, twin hook hoist and tractor drives. Low Headroom Hoist, Types of Chain & Rope Trolley Hoists … Low headroom electric wire rope hoist. This type of hoist is up to the standard of FEM, the drive units are imported from Germany. And the whole hoist structure is compact and scientific, which makes it easy to operate and maintain. Besides, this type wire rope hoist produces less noise than traditional electric hoist. HADEF | International | Product line| Low headroom hoists HADEF hoists are the ideal solution in such cases. Due to their low or even ultralow headroom configuration they require less space. These hoists are available for up to 100 ton capacity with either manual, electric or pneumatic operation. SHER2M low headroom – KITO | Lifting Expectations In situations where every centimetre of headroom is vital, the KITO Electric Chain Hoist SHER2M (Short Headroom ER2 Motorised Trolley Type) is a welcome solution. Apart from use in buildings with low ceilings, it is also ideal where considerable lifting heights are necessary. This is accomplished by means of a special KITO chain guide.
 SHER2M low headroom – KITO | Lifting Expectations

Chester Hoist Homepage Known for unsurpassed quality and durability, Chester Hoist offers manual chain hoists in capacities from ¼ to 25 tons, and worm drive electric wire rope hoists for a wide range of lifts. Chester’s established models of “Zephyr” low headroom hoists have contributed to Chester’s reputation of … Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist for 10,000kg loads For a standard 1,000kg electric chain hoist with motorised travel trolley the minimum hook height would be 585mm, however for the same hoist configured with a low headroom trolley the minimum hook height is reduced to 444mm providing an additional 141mm of headroom which is valuable for operations where every millimetre counts. Low Headroom – Red Rooster Lifting LOW HEADROOM AIR HOIST. TCR-1000-LHR . View Product. Spec Sheet LOW HEADROOM AIR HOIST. TCR-1000/2-LHR . View Product. Spec Sheet LOW HEADROOM AIR … KITO Electric Hoists Your No.1 choice for safety, service, quality and integrity. About Us. Red Rooster Lifting, 30 … Low Headroom Hoist for Sale – Reliable Electric Hoist … Features of Aicrane low headroom hoist for sale. 1.Holds the best head room that can lift more 200-500mm than these common CD/MD type electric wire rope hoists for sale. 2.Excellent and advanced triangle transmission technology, made by high profile alloy steel, the lift reduction drive can avoid many disadvantaged in CD type common hoist that result from the long distance transmission of … Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist|Electric Hoist … Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist √ Used by industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks, and warehouses. √ Lifting Height: 6~50 m. √ Lifting Capacity: 0.5~32 tons.

ND Series Low Headroom Electric Hoist for Single Girder … ND Series Low Headroom Electric Hoist for Single Girder Crane. Lifting Capacity: 1-20 ton Span: – m Lifting Height: 6/9/12/18 m Working Class: 1m, 2m, 3m Note: We can design and manufacture the crane according your requirments and working conditions. ACCOLIFT Low Headroom Hoists | Acco Material Handling … Close headroom hoists accommodate low headroom applications as well as building restrictions within the industrial world. Available in 1 & 2 ton models (clutch hoist | CLH) or 3 & 5 ton models (mechanical load brake | MLB), depending on the capacity needed, we can design a low head room hoist suitable for your specific application. ULTRA LOW HEADROOM HOISTS "HPRE” | PCT Group ULTRA LOW HEADROOM HOISTS "HPR" Offering the ultimate in low headroom performance, the rugged "Prolift HPR" has been developed to provide the optimum height of lift even in the most restricted environments. In its spark proof version this model has become particularly popular in the "offshore" and petro-chemical industries. OPTIONS Advantage of Low headroom electric hoist – FineWork Cranes Low headroom Electric Hoist: Low headroom hoist, designed and manufactured by Finework Cranes, it is a new kind of low headroom production. According to FEM/DIN standard, the low headroom hoist is researched and innovated at the basis of general lift weights, working system and basic parameters, basic structure and modular design consception. Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoists | Canada | Kammicranes Low Headroom – series CVAT . 2 – 20 tons capacity. Up to 50m [164 ft] lifting heights . 230v, 460v & 575VAC – 60Hz [50Hz available] Two speed lifting motors. Single [VFD] and two speed trolley motors 4/1, 2/1 and 4-2/1 true vertical lift rope reevings Lifting & Trolley Motors
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Low Headroom Trolley Chain Hoists | Hand Chain Hoists … Headroom is the space from the point on the hook where the load will be hanging to the point where the hoist, or hoist and trolley, connects with the support member the hoist hangs from. This can often be an I-beam such as a horizontal building support or some kind of crane such as a jib crane or gantry crane. Low Headroom Hoists | Heavy Duty Wire Rope Hoists by David … David Round low headroom hoists are engineered to maximize overhead clearance and provide years of high performance lifting service. 330-656-1600 Email: [email protected]

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