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Drive Solutions for Bridge- and Gantry Cranes Drive Solutions for Bridge- and Gantry Cranes Due to the compactness, shaft mounted geared motors with elastic torque arms are often used for the driving of crane- and trolley traveling gears. Watt geared motors with WEG frequency inverters or soft starters offer the WATT customer the entire drive … Drive Units | Crane Components for Overhead Cranes from … All of our Drive Units are built specifically for driving lifting systems on rails such as Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes and Travelling Cranes or other related running trolleys. All of our Drive Units are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and are supplied with fully OEM components so you can be sure that you are getting the best quality Crane Drives on the market today. What is a Gantry Crane? A Closer Look at the Different … A gantry crane is a type of overhead crane with a single or double girder configuration supported by freestanding legs that move on wheels or along a track or rail system. Gantry cranes are usually considered when there is a reason not to incorporate an overhead runway system. Power Drive Kits – Spanco Spanco Power Drive Kits for our PF-Series Gantry Cranes allow high-volume high-capacity gantry travel along V-groove tracks, guide angles, crane rail, or truly trackless paths. The power drive kit includes: Two drives with drive wheels and sprockets; chains; two gear reducers; two single-speed, 230/460V, three-phase, TEFC motors; solid state, adjustable “soft start”; and two idler assemblies.
 Power Drive Kits – Spanco

Drive solution for hoists in cranes | SEW­EURODRIVE Depending on the system design, the drives are also available with hollow shafts for connecting to the application. In addition, foot-mounted design and torque arm variants are available to support the torque. Special calculation programs enable configuration for a defined service life, e.g. with FEM-typical load spectra and crane ratings. Overhead Crane Motor and Gantry Crane Motor Classification … Dongqi can offers types of crane motors such as, 3 phase crane motor, Geared crane motor, Crane high torque motor, Heavy duty cran3e motor, and Crane end carriage motor, etc. Contact us WhatsApp/ WeChat: + 86 151 3871 1597 to get the right motor for your overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane and workshop cranes now. Rubber Tryre Gantry Cranes – Liebherr Rubber tyre gantry cranes (RTGs) are available with spans of between five and nine containers wide (plus a truck lane) and with hoisting heights from 1 over 3 to 1 over 6 containers high. Supplied with Liebherr’s eight rope reeving anti-sway system and drive systems, the Liebherr RTG delivers exceptional productivity and reliability in … Design Gantry Crane Calculations [ylyxvwryd3nm] For added strength and balance, the girder and pillars of the gantry crane are supported using two types of braces; lateral braces and side braces. The gantry crane is equipped with four wheel mounting assemblies two of which are used to drive the crane while the other two are used for crane steering constituting the mobility system of the crane. Gantry Cranes | Gorbel • Fixed Height Gantry Cranes. NEW. Redsigned product has reduced shipping costs. Available in spans up to 30′ and capacities up to 5 ton. • Adjustable Height Gantry Cranes provide the most flexible lifting solution of any style gantry crane.

Gantry Cranes Specifications CraneMarket Gantry cranes also may have a movable beam-mounted hoist in addition to the entire structure being wheeled. Rubber tired gantry cranes are essential for moving containers in ports or intermodal exchanges throughout the rest of the yard. They are used to straddle multiple lanes of rail, road, or container storage. Moveable gantry cranes & Light crane systems | CMCO The portable gantry crane TDL is suitable for low to medium loads and can be used in all areas.. The cranes are moved by hand and are not dependent on a rail system. Gantry cranes are no ground moving tool, but mobile cranes. Optionally, the gantry cranes can be equipped with a hoist cover and a reinforced paint coating or hot dip galvanizing for outdoor use. AC drives (VFD) for industrial crane and hoist movement … Crane applications served by Danfoss drives. Hoist: Lifting and lowering of the load. Bridge, gantry, or long travel: The part of an overhead crane consisting of girders, trucks, end ties, walkway and drive mechanism which carries the trolley and travels in a direction parallel to the runway. Trolley, or cross travel: The unit carrying the hoisting mechanism which travels on the bridge rails. Gantry Cranes – Cranes and Festoon Equipment – Grainger … Portable gantry cranes from Grainger feature four swivel casters to help you move them into place when preparing to hoist or move heavy objects. Choose from fixed height heavy-duty steel, adjustable height heavy-duty aluminum, adjustable height heavy-duty steel and fixed height light-duty steel cranes in a variety of size configurations. Powerdrive Kits for Electrification of Crane Home / Crane Products, Lifting Equipment, and Accessories / Portable Gantry Cranes / Powerdrive Wallace Cranes offers a wide range of options for Powerdrive units. A powerdrive is an optional kit to motorize a crane to move with the push of a button.
 Powerdrive Kits for Electrification of Crane

Comparing a Gantry Crane to a Bridge Beam Crane System … The last application where I feel a gantry crane would really shine is in the case where the system is just a temporary installation in a building. If you were to rent a shop rather than investing in the money for a bridge crane that would never come out of the building, you could build a gantry system that could with relative ease be moved to a different shop at a different date. One-Source Manufacturer of Overhead Cranes and Components … Founded in 1988, EMH quickly evolved into a full line, one-source manufacturer of overhead cranes and components. Our 125,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to manufacture our products in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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