Technical Support for your crane

24/7 crane technical support

WEIHUA’s 24/7 crane technical support can limit your downtime and eventually save your costs on time and money. WEIHUA technical support team can timely give you service you need to keep your material handling equipment in proper operation.xlWHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

24/7 crane technical support from WEIHUAxlWHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Professional crane technical support

WEIHUA is always ready to provide technical support to you. WEIHUA has a group of specialists, consisted of 500 technicians and over 70 senior engineers and many experts in various fields, related to material handling equipment design, production, installation and maintenance, etc.xlWHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Senior crane engineer are always behind you!xlWHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

We can help you with any technical problem concerning:

  • 5 tons to 450 tons bridge crane
  • 10 tons to 600 tons Gantry Crane
  • 5 tons to 150 tons European standard crane
  • explosion-proof crane
  • metallurgy crane
  • port cranes
  • Other special industrial cranes lifting equipment.

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