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Manufactured to rigid standards to deliver maximum efficiency5teHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Advantages of crane bumper:

  • More economical than alternative bumpers
  • Custom engineering and design for non-standard applications
  • Manufactured to rigid standards to deliver maximum efficiency
  • Long service life – a life cycle that is six times longer than that of other bumpers
  • Quiet operation
  • No moving parts to fail; as are found in hydraulic or spring bumpers
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Efficient at most temperatures, from -60° to 225°F (-51° to 107° Centigrade)
  • Unaffected by oil, grease, ozone/aging
  • Surpass the performance of hydraulic bumpers and bumpers made from rubber, foam material, wood, plastics,
  • Compositions, non-ferrous metals and steel
  • Offer a much greater cushioning effect than other bumpers

Why to use crane bumper?

  • Overhead Crane bumpers, such as, bridge bumpers and trolley bumpers are required to be used on overhead crane and Gantry Crane according to OSHA standards. Why to used crane bumpers?
  • There are several benefits of using overhead crane bumpers.
  • The shock of impact in the normal course of operation and act as an emergency backup will be adsorbed by overhead crane bumpers. However, when a crane with no crane bumpers, it has nothing to absorb the impact of collision. When multiple cranes on a runway collide, end truck to end truck, the damage will be tremendous if there is no crane bumpers.
  • While the slow down or stop limits are devices that improve crane safety by reducing or preventing the impact overhead crane bumpers sustain.
  • These electrical components, which are activated by a sensor, stop or slow down a crane, preventing the bumpers from coming into contact with the end stops – or at least slowing the crane enough to limit the impact that the bumpers must sustain. Stop limits come standard on Weihuabridge cranes.
  • Bumpers typically are made of rubber, but for larger cranes – 50-ton capacity and up, the crane bumpers used is the hydraulic overhead crane bumpers, which absorbs more shock than rubber crane bumpers.
  • Polyurethane bumpers are a relatively new alternative to rubber crane bumpers. They are more durable and longer lasting than rubber bumpers, which tend to dry out and crack over time.
  • And, without quarterly or annual crane inspections, rubber overhead crane bumpers may fall off unnoticed, until a collision occurs. Missing crane bumpers can lead to derailments.
  • A crane can derail or get jammed in the rails when one side of the crane is without a bumper. This happens because the side that still has a bumper makes contact before the other side, forcing the crane out of alignment between the rails. Forced askew like this, the wheels sustain cracked flanges, which can lead to a derailment if not repaired.
  • Overhead crane bumpers for bridges and trolleys are essential components for crane safety because they reduce the risk of damage, derailment, and wear and tear on cranes.
  • For more information on the best type of overhead crane bumpers for your overhead cranes, contact a Weihuasales representative in your area.

If you want to know more about crane buffer for all Types of Cranes, i.e, overhead crane and gantry crane, please feel free to contact us. 5teHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Crane services of WEIHUA

WEIHUA can provide overall services for all types of industries cranes, and the main services are as follow:

Crane project design
Cranes designed by WEIHUA will solve any of your crane problems and material handling problems without spending any unnecessary expenditures.
Crane Installation
EASAY installation, wonderful working performance. WEIHUA can provide on-site crane installation services and our crane engineers will be at your services when necessary.
Lifetime Maintenance
Crane maintenance from WEIHUA ensures your safety and working efficiency.
Crane operator Training
WEIHUA training includes crane operation, maintenance and inspection, and crane spare parts, etc.
Technical support
The powerful technical support of WEIHUA will solve your crane technical problems.
Crane parts
WEIHUA parts will renew your cranes.

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