Ceiling Mounted Crane

Ceiling mounted crane is a kind of over head crane of which the runway is directly attached to the ceiling of a building without the need of columns.

It is commonly adopted in workstation, workshop of machining process and assembly, warehouse and more where the roof structure of the existing building is high enough or the floor space is inadequate. The ceiling crane can make the most of the ceiling space and the space under the bridge.

By using the existing building structure, the overhead lifting equipment has no need for the additional support columns or adequate floor space, thus saving a lot of construction cost and also removing obstructions that may be caused by the columns or the equipment on the ground.The ceiling mounted bridge crane is usually designed in underhung type used for lifting light loads.

We also provide other designs according to customer’s specific requirement. It is cost-effective overhead crane equipment and also highly adaptable and flexible to multiple applications. To know more about underhung ceiling mounted crane, consult our sales representative online.

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