BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Wall Mounted Jib Crane Introduction

The wall mounted jib crane can be a tie-rod jib crane, which has a tie-rod mounted to the structure of your building, without taking any of your square feet of your plant. The wall mounted jib crane is the most economical crane for material handling. The lifting capacity of the wall mounted jib crane is 0.25 to 1 ton and the working class is A3.C0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Product Type BX
Lifting Capacity 0.25~1t
Span Length  3~6m
Working Class A3
Ambient Temperature -25~40℃

Components of Wall Mounted Jib Crane

The wall mounted jib crane is mainly made of supporting column, jib device, and Electric hoist, etc.C0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

C0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd
Sketch of wall mounted jib craneC0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Application of Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Wall mounted jib crane is usually applicable to short distance, frequent and intensive material handling operations, in the places, such as, workshops, warehouses, docks, storage, ports, and assembly line, etc. C0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Advantages of Wall Mounted Jib Crane

  • Energy saving and labor saving
  • High performance and efficiency, lifting heavy weights effortlessly
  • Less space occupation
  • Easy operation and low maintenance
  • Durable and long serving life

Features of Wall Mounted Jib Crane

  • Wall mounted jib crane has no need to modify your building structure.
  • Taking less working space
  • Handling materials in three dimensional plane.
  • Crane rotation can be customized at your requirements.
  • Equipped with overload protection device, crane travelling limit switch, lifting height limit device, etc.
  • Multiple functions, such as, voltage lower protection function, energy stop, etc.
  • Tap quality polyurethane materials buffer with long working life.

Get your jib crane at good price

C0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Send your wall mounted jib crane with the following informaitonsC0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

In order to give your specific quotation quickly, could you please send us the inquiry with the details of the jib crane for us to quote:C0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

  • 1. The type of the jib crane: the pillar type (with the pillar itself, mounted on ground) or wall mounted type (mounted on the wall or column)?
  • 2. Lifting capacity:  ____?
  • 3. Lifting height:  ____?
  • 4. Valid Radius (the jib length): ____?
  • 5. The rotating angle: 180, 270, 360 or other degree?
  • 6. The power voltage: ____( 240V 50Hz 3phase)

If you do not know about how to select the jib crane, please feel free to leave us a message or email to [email protected] The reply of our jib crane engineer will be given within 24 hours. Get your custom design jib crane.C0bHenan Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd

Crane services of WEIHUA

WEIHUA can provide overall services for all types of industries cranes, and the main services are as follow:

Crane project design
Cranes designed by WEIHUA will solve any of your crane problems and material handling problems without spending any unnecessary expenditures.
Crane Installation
EASAY installation, wonderful working performance. WEIHUA can provide on-site crane installation services and our crane engineers will be at your services when necessary.
Lifetime Maintenance
Crane maintenance from WEIHUA ensures your safety and working efficiency.
Crane operator Training
WEIHUA training includes crane operation, maintenance and inspection, and crane spare parts, etc.
Technical support
The powerful technical support of WEIHUA will solve your crane technical problems.
Crane parts
WEIHUA parts will renew your cranes.

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