atouan electric chain hoist 5 toneladas

MH-5 Series | Electric Chain Hoists | Nitchi Co., Ltd. ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTMH-5 SERIESMATIC. Designed to offer high quality and superb safety features, the MH-5 Series can be used with various optional … Nitchi Co., Ltd. – ニッチ It is advantage of NITCHI. LINE UP. Electric Chain Hoists · Manual Chain Hoists · Lever Hoists · Hand Cranes · Air Hoists & Air Balancers · Trolleys · PR MOVIE. KITO ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST power. Compact design for easy grasp. * 3 and 5 buttons only. Smooth. EQ Electric Chain Hoist. 4. Environmentally friendly. KITO-specified 15 environmentally … Nitchi MH-5.pdf The NITCHI-MATIC Model MH-5 Series is a line of premium quality electric chain hoists that are designed especially to fulfill the severe requirements of industry.
 Nitchi MH-5.pdf

LK Electric Chain Hoist | R&M Materials Handling Our innovative LK electric chain hoist is offered in capacities from 1/8 – 5 ton (125 -5000 kg). With the drive train originally designed to meet the noise and size … Electric Chain Hoist – Hitachi Industrial Equipment (Malaysia … 5. 6. Contents. Introduction. 1-2. 17-18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 7-8. 9-10. Outline. S series. F series. Others. HITACHI Electric Chain Hoist. S series. Outline. F series. Electric Chain Hoist : Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems For traveling of the ceiling crane, Max. wheel load from 0.6 ton to 11.2 ton. … Reference. Useful references when you select or install the chain hoist. … 5.ELECTRO-MAGNETICS CONTACTOR. with mechanical-interlocking against line short by … Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Catalog 5 pockets standard;. 6 pockets on smaller body hoists. Extended. Chain Life. Decreased chain wear as a result of a revolutionary heat treatment.

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