a 6×19 ips wire rope with rope diameter of 44.5 mm is to be used used for hoisting find the weight of the rope if the depth of m

General Purpose 6×19 & 6×36 Class Wire Rope — Nelson Wire Rope Nelson Wire Rope. 3051 Penn Street Hatfield, PA 19440 email: [email protected] phone: 215-721-9333 6×19 Class Wire Rope | Wesco Industries 6×19 Class wire ropes includes 6x19S & 6x26WS construction types. They can come with IWRC or Fibre Core, and in Bright, Galvanized, or Stainless finishes. It is a good general purpose wire rope which is wear and crush resistant, but not very flexible. 6×19 Wire Rope – 6×25 Wire Rope – 6 x 19 Wire Rope Call our wire rope experts . Most widely used class of wire rope; A good combination of both wear resistance and flexibility; Withstands abrasion or crushing; Common Uses: winch cable, choker ropes, hoist ropes, trolley lines, slings, boom lines, mooring lines, skylines, highway use, wire and cable heavy duty guard rail. Looking for Wire Rope … Wire Rope — Stren-Flex The 6×19 Classification of wire rope is the most widely used. With its good combination of flexibility and wear resistance, rope in this class can be suited to the specific needs of diverse kinds of machinery and equipment. The 6×19 Seale construction, with its large outer wires, provides great ruggedness and resistance to abrasion and crushing.
 Wire Rope — Stren-Flex

6×19 Galvanized Wire Rope Steel Core – IWRC | Murphy … This wire rope overs a great combination of both flexibility and wear resistance. * EIPS (Extra Improved Plowed Steel) wire rope has roughly 10% more strength than regular IPS. Independent wire rope core ( IWRC ) provides added strength, reduces the amount of stretch. Powerstrand Wire Rope – Pro Sling & Safety 6 x 36 Metric Wire Rope 6 Outer Strands, Rotation Wire Rope 6x36WS construction is a good general purpose crane wire rope, which is flexible and wear resistant. It is suitable for overhead crane ropes, electric hoists, trolley ropes, winch lines, piling, towing and cranes. 6x36WS (14+(7+7)+7+1) IWRC, Load Bearing Outer Wires 216 Fill Factor 0.59 1/2" X 500', 6×19, IWRC Galvanized Wire Rope Reel 1/2 X 500', 6×19, IWRC Galvanized Wire Rope Reel-1/2 diameter 6×19 galvanized wire rope. 500 ft reel constructed of 6 strands and 19 wires per stran Wire Rope – Steel Cable & Stainless Steel Wire Rope Rigging … Our category includes a variety of 304 stainless steel wire rope, galvanized wire rope, and bright wire rope in configurations from the 6×19 and 6×37 c lasses. We also carry steel cable that’s also known as cable railing or aircraft cable. It’s a wire rope but with a smaller diameter and end uses that are lighter-duty than regular wire rope. 6X19 CLASS wire rope 6×25 6×26 – Accurate Rigging Its number and relative size of the inner wires add to the stability of the strand and gives it a fatigue resistance comparable to a 6×25 FW. A standard 6X26 WS construction provides the best rope for a wide range of applications. In general, we recommend the use of the 6x26WS in any application where a 6x25FW is used.

Steel wire rope – Hendrik Veder Group 4 – Steel wire rope / 6-strand 4 – Steel wire rope / 6-strand 6 x 24 + 7FC According ISO 2408 Nominal diameter Weight 100 m Minimum Breaking Load 1,770 N/mm2 mm kg kN kg 6 10.60 17.80 1,820 7 14.50 24.30 2,480 8 18.90 31.70 3,230 9 23.90 40.10 4,090 10 29.50 49.60 5,060 11 35.70 60.00 6,120 12 42.50 71.40 7,280 Wire Rope 101 – Hanes Supply, Inc – MAFIADOC.COM To calculate the recommended or minimum sheave diameter for any given rope, find the rope construction and multiply the rope diameter by the value shown. (Ex.: Recommended sheave diameter for a 6 x 19 classification wire rope of 3/4" diameter would be 51 x.75 = 38-1/4") Rope speed also affects fatigue life. Creatomac. Supplier from India. View Products. Slings are made from 6×19 wire rope and from 6×37 wire rope. We recommended use of 6×19 construction. Upto 1 ¼ :6x37or large slings. Note: Standred sleeves are recommended for use with 6×19 or 6×37,IPS or EIF RRL,FC or IWRC wire rope. All About Winches – Offroaders.com A design factor of 5 is chosen most frequently for hoisting with wire rope. (Operating loads not to exceed 20% of Nominal Breaking Strength.) Operating loads may have to be reduced when life, limb or valuable property are at risk or other than new rope is used. A design factor of 10 is usually chosen when wire rope is used to carry personnel. Full text of "American Wire Rope Catalogue and Hand Book" An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.
 Full text of "American Wire Rope Catalogue and Hand Book"

Bullivants Rigging Handbook V2 by Bullivants – Issuu Table 1 Attachment of Wire-Rope Grips AS 2076 Nom. Size of Wire Rope Grip (mm) Nom. Size of Thread of Bolt or Stud (mm) Min. Number Tightening of Wire Rope Torque (N.m) Grips. 8. 8. 3. 6. 10. 10 … (PDF) Subsea Mattress Crusher Vehicle Deployment/Recovery … Crane’s main hoisting line nominal diameter D 76 mm. … the main properties for the chosen 6×19 wire with wire core. … goal is to avoid a slac k in the crane wire rope – the main hoisting line. Bridon Crane Rope Catalogue | Rope | Wire During the serving procedure, serving mallets and hand operated serving machines can be used to generate tight servings. Bridon On-site serving instructions Diameter of Serving Wire or Strand Rope Diameter Single Wire <22mm Fig 10. 1×7 Wire Strand 1.70mm 1.70mm 2.60mm 3.00mm 3.60mm. 1.32mm 1.57mm 1.83mm 2.03mm n/a. 22mm to 38mm 40mm to 76mm Table of Contents – Delta Rigging & Tools – MAFIADOC.COM Rated Capacities based on design factor of 5. Horizontal Sling angles less than 30 degrees shall not be used. 37 Wire Rope Slings STAINLESS STEEL TYPE 302 AND 304/MECHANICAL SPLICE IWRC FOUR-LEG BRIDLE Rated capacity in tons of 2,000 lbs. WIRE ROPE SLINGS Rated capacities shown apply only to 6×19 and 6×36 classification wire rope. ROPE DIAMETER … Crosby Catalog Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5 S-423T S-423TB Wire Rope Assembly with Round Pin Assembly with Bolt, Nut S-423TW** Dia. and Cotter Pin and Cotter Pin Wedge Kit API 2C S-423T API 2C S-423TB S423TW S-423T S-423T Weight Each S-423TB S-423TB Weight Each S-423TW Weight Each (in.) (mm) Stock No. Stock No. (lbs.) (kg) Stock No. Stock No. (lbs.) (kg) Stock No. (lbs.) (kg) 5/8 14- 16 …

Bridon Oil and Gas Brochure – DocShare.tips During the serving procedure, serving mallets and hand operated serving machines can be used to generate tight servings. Bridon ‘On-site serving instructions’ Diameter of Serving Wire or Strand Rope Diameter Single Wire <24mm Fig 10 1×7 Wire Strand 1.70mm 1.70mm 2.60mm 3.00mm 3.60mm 1.32mm 1.57mm 1.83mm 2.03mm n/a 24mm to 38mm 40mm to 76mm

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